2018 Video Production Success Kit

Read This BEFORE You Make Your Next Video

We pose 10 questions that marketing managers should be able to answer BEFORE making their next video. It touches on topics such as planning, strategy, distribution, messaging, storytelling and real-world logistics of video production. 

video production guide

What you’ll get out of this guide:

On the one hand video can be a fun medium to produce and the impact on the brand can be powerful. On the other hand the directive to produce a video is only the start of a very long process. What should it be about? How long should it be? Where will we use it? How do we make it look good? How will it stack up against our competition? How do we make sure our messaging is clear? So on and so on. 

Therefore, we have reflected on the hundreds of videos we have made and the many clients we have worked with over the years. The result is this helpful guide with the advice we would give to any client, BEFORE they start talking to a video production company like us to produce a video. A great video should do more than just look good- it should serve the bottom-line needs of your business. To accomplish that, we highly recommend answering the following ten questions to create a Video Brief that will create a solid foundation for your video production. 

At the end of this guide you will find a link to templates to help you do just that. Each of these questions could have a significant impact on the choices that get made in making your video. Script style, interview questions, camera choice, crew size, lighting needs, editing style, music choice and hundreds of other small decisions will all be impacted by how you answer these questions. 

| About Honest Motion

Honest Motion is a full service video production company based out of New York City. We create corporate videos, business videos, marketing videos, B2B videos, commercials, branded content and anything that allows us to tell a story. We work with you from script-writing all the way to post-production and distribution. In 2017 we won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for our documentary-style video for Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx.  

Honest Motion is run by founder and Creative Director Kyle Doyle. Kyle writes and directs most projects and proudly works alongside a talented crew of New York based actors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips, soundies, AC’s, AD’s, PA’s and the occasional animal wrangler. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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